Thursday, October 6, 2022
Hundreds join walk for Bradley

Hundreds join walk for Bradley

HUNDREDS of people gathered at the Spring Gardens in Llanelli to participate in a 1 mile walk around the Town Centre in memory of Bradley John.

14-year-old Bradley passed away on Wednesday (Sep 12) following an ‘incident’ at St John Lloyds School in Llanelli.

The aim of the walk was to ‘light up’ the town with participants encouraged to bring bright clothing and lights. The monies raised went towards the Wish Upon a Star charity.

Speaking to Llanelli Online, organiser of the event Tina Tracey  said: “I really wanted to do something to highlight what can happen when you are a victim of bullying.

“The whole town has come together and we are going to walk a mile around the town in solidarity.

“There are hundreds of people here to support the event. The volunteers have been brilliant helping.

“Wish upon a star do fantastic work in helping families deal with losing a young person.”

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Bradleys father Byron gave a speech ahead of the walk, he said:

“If you are being bullied, your strong and you can stand up to it and stop it.

“Something has to happen. when you hand your children over at the school gate, you have got no say in what happens. They are not going to come home and tell you because they don’t know any different.

“We need role models, we don’t need league tables and statistics, we want role models. We are going to help our children learn, learn how to behave and learn how to be citizens.”

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