Hundreds attend Burry Port candlelit service to remember loved ones

HUNDREDS of candles were lit for loved ones at a special service at the Tabernacle Chapel in Burry Port this evening, Thursday (Dec 6).

The Service of Remembrance organised by Autumn Leaf Funeral Directors is in its 15th year and it has says Ian Smith of Autumn Leaf, become bigger and bigger each year.

Hundreds of people turned up on a dark and wintery evening to share a special time together with readings, poetry, carols and prayers. The evening began with refreshments in the vestry of the chapel, where people had a chance to chat and share experiences.

It was an exceptionally emotional event where people had the opportunity to place a message for their departed loved ones on Christmas trees placed around the chapel. They also heard the names of their loved ones being read out while candles were lit in their name.

There were so many highlights to this wonderful evening, not least the way in which the chapel was beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and Christmas trees.

It was an evening for remembering but also celebrating the approach of Christmas.

You could have heard a pin drop as Cor Curiad sang a rousing version of Snow Patrol’s ‘Run’ and a beautiful rendition of the carol ‘O Holy Night’.

Osian Wyn Bowen was in outstanding form giving a solo performance of ‘Anfonaf Angel’ and ‘Bring him Home’ from Les Mis.

Richard Alan almost took the chapel roof off with his version of ‘The Star of Bethlehem’ while the wonderful tones of Bethan, Enfys and Cathryn brought a quiet, harmonious calm to proceedings.

Readings were conducted by Father Martin Donnelly, Reverend Roger Morley-Jones Shane Griffiths, Mary Smith, Christopher Owen, Ian Smith and Reverend Felicity Randall.

It was clear to see form the reaction of those present that this really was an evening, which was all about community, love and support for one another.

Ian Smith of Autumn Leaf Funeral Directors said: “This is our way of thanking the community for all the support they give us as a local business. We are a small community but we have a big heart. At this time of year people can feel isolated and despondent. This service brings people together and they have a common bond. They have all lost a loved one. I am indebted to my family and friends but most of all to the community of Burry Port for enabling us to hold this service each year.”


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