Sunday, May 28, 2023
How to make the worse look trivial

How to make the worse look trivial

Dear Editor,

Reading Llanelli’s A.M. Lee Waters’ response to the Air Pollution getting to dangerous levels, I can imagine what was taught in Aberystwyth University on the Political Courses there.

How to make the worst situation look trivial and enhance all the initiatives that didn’t work look as if our politicians are actually doing anything of significance.

All their (Lee Waters and Nia Griffith) initiatives, such as “No Right Turns Into Maes-y-Coed” which would have caused untold misery to all, residents and motorists, never received 400 signatures on their petition, then all the talk about “Electric Cars” – How on earth would that ease the congestion at all.

Lee Waters is against ALL Bypasses i.e. Newport By-Pass, Llandeilo By-Pass and Sandy/Pwll By-Pass, then did we see a neutralising move by the Welsh Government to Mr. Water’s opposition to this by appointing him Minister for Transport which, if I am correct in my thinking stops him voting against the Newport By-Pass.

What a “Master Stroke” by the Assembly to remove a high profile opponent, what baffles me is a man of such high principles can accept in all conscience this ministerial post, does that not go against all he believes in ?

Or is this ministerial post mean more to him than principles, is it the increase in salary, or a step higher up the ladder to become a future “First Minister”

I have campaigned for four decades for this Sandy/Pwll Bypass so if I want to see it become a reality, I cannot in all conscience vote for any person that is so blinkered in their beliefs with “hair brain” ideas that will take forever that will never succeed, I urge anyone with hopes of a by-pass to do the same.


Ray Jones

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