Horton and Port Eynon RNLI rescues seven people from Worms Head

HORTON and Port Eynon lifeboat was launched at yesterday afternoon (September 17) to rescue seven people stranded on the local beauty spot, Worms Head Rhossili. The alarm had been raised by Coastwatch.

The lifeboat went to Worms Head where the volunteer crew spotted the seven people who had been cut off by the incoming tide. The group was taken back to shore in the lifeboat where they were handed over to the Coastguard.

The group were students at Swansea University. They knew that the causeway leading from the mainland to Worms Head is only open for 2 ½ hours either side of the low tide but they said that they had miscalculated the tide times

An RNLI spokesman said:

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‘If you are cut off by the tide do not attempt to wade to safety. It is extremely dangerous to attempt to do so. These students did the right thing and telephoned the coastguard.

The RNLI would remind people when walking at or near the Coast, not only to check the weather conditions but also to check the tide times and to make sure that they plan walks to ensure that they are not cut off by the incoming tide.’

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