Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Hooray for Halfords as Gareth gets new bike

Hooray for Halfords as Gareth gets new bike

A big community and a big gesture from Halfords has meant that Gareth McKibbin from Burry Port has received a brand new bicycle and he is over the moon.

The Pembrey Cycling Club mentioned what had happened to Gareth to Gareth Owens the Bike Hut manager at Halfords in Carmarthen. Mr Owens had no hesitation in arranging for Gareth to have a new bike free of charge courtesy of Halfords.

Gareth arrived at the store today, Thursday (Mar 22) along with his mother Eira, County Councillors John James and Amanda Fox and representatives of Pembrey Cycling Club, Chairman Adrian Thomas and his wife Sharon Thomas.

His face really was a picture as he caught a glimpse of his brand new red bicycle.

It wasn’t long before he was putting on a sticker from his beloved rugby club the Scarlets.

Halfords made every effort to make this a very special day for Gareth making sure he was happy with all the adjustments on the bike. The Pembrey Cycling Club even threw in a new helmet.

Cllrs John James and Amanda Fox were in agreement that this was all as a result of the community of Pembrey and Burry Port coming together to show support for a much loved young man who was the victim of a callous act as he went about his daily business. It shocked the close knit community but it had a powerful effect in bringing everyone together as one to make sure Gareth got his original bike back and now a brand new bicycle, which his Mum Eira says will take a bit of time for him to get used to.

You can watch our film of when Gareth met Gareth here:

Gareth gets a new bike from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

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