Friday, October 7, 2022
Helen Mary Jones MS discusses the living wage

Helen Mary Jones MS discusses the living wage

I was pleased to take part in a virtual event last week with Kidwelly firm, Burns Pet Nutrition, as part of Living Wage week.

The company has been a champion of the Living Wage locally. With pressure on so many employers the importance of fair pay and conditions is greater than ever. Workers need a wage which covers the cost of living.

Across the Mid and West region there are 33 Living Wage employers this means nearly 2000 employees have received a pay rise since their employers became Living Wage accredited.

The Living Wage is independently calculated each year to determine the amount that workers need to earn to ensure they do not fall into in-work poverty. The annual Living Wage Week is an opportunity to recognise employers that pay their workers this rate as a minimum. This year the Living Wage hourly rate will be £9.50.

It is important for us to celebrate all the employers in Wales that have made a commitment to paying their workers a fair wage, especially those across more rural communities.

The real Living Wage can help economic recovery post-Covid .

It is important for us to share the message throughout Wales, Living Wage employers are playing an essential role in ensuring that fewer people suffer in the difficult economic climate.

Living Wage employers in Wales have made a commitment to eradicate in-work-poverty by paying their employees a wage which enables them to live and not just survive.

The week is about celebrating this, celebrating all the good that these Welsh organisations are doing, but this year this is set within a backdrop of such difficult times for so many individuals and employers.

The Coronavirus crisis has highlighted the inequality in Welsh society, we need change in 2021 to build back better, improve our economy, and end child poverty.

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After twenty years of a Labour-led Welsh Government, there are still 200,000 children living in poverty in Wales. This is despite a promise to end child poverty by 2020.

Indeed in 2019, Wales was the only UK nation to see child poverty levels rise: we need immediate action to help thousands of children and families across Wales.

In the Llanelli constituency the child poverty rate is 19.7 per cent, a blight on our communities and something that Plaid Cymru is determined to change.

A Plaid Cymru Welsh Government led by First Minister Adam Price would introduce a child payment of £35 a week per child, targeted at families who have to decide between heating the home and feeding the children.

We would also ensure free childcare provision for every child at 12 months old to boost the incomes of thousands of households, allowing non-working parents back into the workplace and creating up to 3,000 new jobs.

It is time to change Llanelli for good.

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