Thursday, December 8, 2022
Helen Mary Jones looks to the future and standing for Llanelli at Senedd Elections

Helen Mary Jones looks to the future and standing for Llanelli at Senedd Elections

LAST year was the most challenging period for us all because of the impact of coronavirus, but looking to the future not the past I do believe we will come out of this crisis with a better vision for how we revive our economy and strengthen our society.

The values we have seen last year coming to the fore like the community spirit, the support for Welsh NHS workers and our carers; looking out for the most vulnerable can be used as we rebuild back better.

I am looking forward to the election in May when I will be standing to win back Llanelli for Plaid Cymru.

I believe 2021 will be the year for new ideas, and a new Welsh Government, with Adam Price as our First Minister to rebuild our economy.

The challenges of Coronavirus, the global climate emergency and Brexit means we must rethink what our economy is for and how we use the limited tools we have as a Welsh Government.

On Friday January 8 I will be launching a discussion document about what the Welsh economy is for. The research identifies that growth must be measured in human and ecological costs, not just economic.

In May’s election Plaid Cymru will advocate a new approach to developing and refocusing our country’s economy. Part of that plan is a new freestanding agency, Prosperity Wales, to lead the transformation.

Prosperity Wales will be an economic development agency with a difference. it will focus on creating jobs and opportunities and encouraged to take risks, supporting new and innovative business ideas.

At its heart it will promote fair work, a commitment to green growth and decarbonisation, and a responsibility to ensure that opportunity and wealth are shared, between individuals and between communities.

To change Wales and Llanelli for the better we need new thinking. And new action. Join us on our journey.

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