Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Harmony in Burry Port as harbour plans go on display

Harmony in Burry Port as harbour plans go on display

TOWN councillors, county councillors, council officers, executive board members, the RNLI, Friends of Burry Port Harbour and the general public headed to the Memorial Hall in Burry Port on Wednesday (Feb 8) to view the plans for the development of the harbour. Despite the disharmony of recent months between town and county councillors the event appeared to be friendly, informative and civilised with cups of tea on offer for visitors.

The Marine Group were there to speak to people about their vision for the harbour, which includes a coffee shop, changing rooms and showers as well as a focus on improving the harbour for users.

It was a packed out event, which started at 1pm and went on until 7pm in the evening. Llanelli Online spoke to the movers and the shakers and dare we say it, some of the divided parties, who appeared to agree for once that the development was good for the town and not a political football to be kicked around various meeting rooms and gentlemen’s clubs as some have alleged.

We will leave you decide for yourselves. You can watch our rather lengthy film here:

Burry Port Harbour consultation draws in the crowds from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

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