Henry Bolton: Wikicommons

NEIL Hamilton AM has come out in support of calls for the resignation of UKIP’s leader Henry Bolton.

Mr Hamilton said: “I support the NEC’s unanimous decision to pass a vote of no confidence in Henry Bolton. He should now resign from UKIP immediately so we can get on with rebuilding the party without further distraction. If he forces us to hold an EGM, he will only humiliate himself further. His recent behaviour has been so irrational, he should seek psychological help.

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“With a calm, experienced person like Gerard Batten MEP or Mike Hookem MEP as interim leader, we can establish the party’s role in a post-Brexit Britain. UKIP fills a gap in the spectrum left by the failure of all the old parties to speak for the ordinary, common-sense person. UKIP Wales is well advanced with its own plan for an enduring role in Welsh politics.”

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