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Hamilton calls for community volunteers

Hamilton calls for community volunteers

Neil Hamilton, AM for Mid & West Wales, and Leader of UKIP Wales, is calling on his constituents to get involved and help improve their local health services.

Mr Hamilton is urging anyone with an interest in the NHS, and time on their hands, to apply to become a member of their local Community Health Council.

He said:

“The CHC’s in Wales are local, effective, independent and the all-important voice of the people. They are currently looking for volunteers, from all walks of life, to help improve the NHS, locally and nationally.

“Members of the CHC’s have a vital role to play as they act as the independent ‘eyes and ears’ of patients and the public. They listen and then act on the concerns of people on the ground, those who use the services.

“I am a strong supportive of Community Health Councils and would urge anyone who has a genuine interest in the NHS, and wants to help improve their quality of services, to get involved. If you have 3-5 days free a month then this is a very worthwhile use of your time.”

CHCs represent the independent voice of patients and the public, who use health service in Wales and play an important role in influencing the way services are planned and delivered.

They provide help and advice if you have problems with or complaints about NHS service; ensure that your views and needs influence the policies and plans put in place by health providers in your area; monitor the quality of NHS services from your point of view and give you information about access to the NHS.

For more information, please contact the Board of CHCs on: Tel: 02920235558; Email: or Go to the website

Closing date for applications is January 22 2018.

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