Monday, March 20, 2023
Hamilton backs Arlene Foster for next PM

Hamilton backs Arlene Foster for next PM

Arlene Foster: Source: Wikicommons

UKIP’S Neil Hamilton has given his backing to Arlene Foster as the next Prime Minister even though the Northern Irish politician who has been the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party since 2015  is unlikely to ever stand for the role.

Neil Hamilton, UKIP Wales Leader and Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales weighed in on this morning’s so-called “Brexit breakthrough”.

Neil Hamilton commented: “After 100 steps backwards, we have taken one step forward – thanks to Arlene Foster and the DUP. Arlene Foster should be Prime Minister. We need someone with backbone as a PM, not a spineless Remainer.

“Theresa May. May caved in to EU extortion and promised them £40 billion of our money. Now she has promised our rules and regulations will be “fully aligned” with the EU – sacrificing our freedom to cut red tape, one of the main benefits of leaving the EU. We should be up in arms against this feeble result.”

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