Friday, January 27, 2023
Gwenllian Education Centre hailed ‘outstanding’ in Estyn inspection

Gwenllian Education Centre hailed ‘outstanding’ in Estyn inspection

GWENLLIAN Education Centre have received positive feedback following an ‘outstanding’ Estyn inspection.

The inspection report was held in January and the Education Centre is pleased and proud of both the staff and pupils at the school.

It was their first full inspection and it was an extremely positive experience for staff, pupils and the inspectors.

Gwenllian Education Centre is an independent Autism Specialist School based in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire.

They provide an individualised approach to meeting the educational, social and behavioural needs of children and young adults on the Autism Spectrum.

They offer school placements for children from the age of 5 through to 19 and provide education to pupils of all abilities.

Some of the notable comments written in the report include:  

  • Pupils’ wellbeing and attitudes to learning are outstanding. 
  • During their time at school, nearly all pupils make exemplary progress in achieving their set targets
  • Nearly all pupils make exceptional progress from their starting points in acquiring the basic skills of communication
  • In relation to their needs, all pupils make outstanding progress in learning to tolerate others and develop positive relationships with staff and peers.
  • Staff know the needs and abilities of their pupils extremely well and respond respectfully and sensitively to pupils’ needs.
  • Staff are good language role models and use the school’s communication systems highly effectively to promote pupils’ communication skills.
  • The school provides an extremely caring ethos that places pupils at the centre of its planning, processes and practice.
  • It is highly effective in meeting its aims to enable pupils to make progress and reach their potential in life.
  • The school has a happy and productive learning environment, which is both safe and welcoming
  • They know their pupils extremely well and develop highly effective and trusting relationships with them. 

You can read the full report here.

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