Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Griffith to stand for Llanelli MP

Griffith to stand for Llanelli MP

Nia Griffith MP

Llanelli Constituency Labour Party have confirmed that current MP Nia Griffith will be standing again as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Llanelli in June’s snap election.

David Darkin, Chair of Llanelli Labour Party, said, “We are delighted that Nia Griffith has agreed to stand again to represent the people of the Llanelli constituency in Parliament. We are lucky to have such a hard- working and dedicated MP, who is always prepared to do the right thing and stand up for Llanelli, even when she knows that could land her in a spot of trouble.

Nia Griffith, Member of Parliament for Llanelli, said:

“I welcome the news that there will be a general election on June 8th. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as MP for Llanelli since 2005 and I am totally committed to continue to fight hard for people across the constituency. Here in Wales, our Welsh Labour government has a proud record of delivering for local people – in stark contrast to the savage cuts of the Tories in Westminster. During the steel crisis last year, the Welsh Labour Government immediately set up a task force and put in a support package, whilst the Tories in Westminster did absolutely nothing. Now, more than ever, with the Tories threatening to withdraw funding from Wales after Brexit, we need a Labour Government in Westminster to ensure that Wales gets its fair share. With 650 MPs in Parliament, the three Plaid MPs and the one Green MP simply cannot make a difference, so Welsh Labour is the only credible alternative in Westminster to the Tories and only Welsh Labour MPs will deliver a fair deal for Wales.”

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