Monday, June 5, 2023

Griffith on Trump

DONALD TRUMP has launched an unprecedented attack on the media in the USA and in a twist of irony it appears that his own media aides are now calling the shots, even appearing to speak off the cuff on some of America’s political issues.

Carmarthenshire Media asked the Shadow Secretary of State for Defence Nia Griffith MP for her views on Trump’s comments on the media. She said: I think people are quite rightly savvy about asking questions of the media and other organisations. What I cannot condone is Donald Trump’s blanket blaming of the media, blanket blaming of his security forces and blanket blaming of Muslims. It is the language and behaviour of a bully and a tyrant. It is no way to work with the people you need to work with in the community. The majority of people are doing their best in the circumstances they find themselves in whatever walk of life they are in. I find this extremely worrying because I think that what he is doing is whipping up hatred instead of tackling the problems that have made people angry in the first place. The problems of lack of work in the rust belts. He needs to be concentrating on that. We do have instances when the media can overstep the mark but I think by enlarge investigative journalism is a very good thing. It uncovers a lot of interesting information and we can ask questions. It is a very important part of a democratic society.

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