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Granby Close Fire Update: Dog rescued at scene

Granby Close Fire Update: Dog rescued at scene

TWO fire crews were called to tackle a fire at a block of flats in Granby Close this evening, Monday (Jan 8).

The fire was confined to a bedroom. There were no reports of any injuries. A dog was rescued from the flats and was said to be doing fine.

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service issued the following statement at 22:56pm:  “Two Llanelli appliances are at the scene. We received a call at 9:36pm. The fire was confined to a bedroom. Two hose reels and four breathing apparatus were in use. A dog was rescued at the scene. There were no reported injuries. The fire crews remain at the scene.”

Town councillor Sean Rees was travelling back to Llanelli when a resident sent him a photo of a fire engine at the scene. Mr Rees said: “I can’t believe this. It is the second incident in a matter of months. I am hoping to be updated regarding the events. I would like to thank the emergency services again for their swift response to another potentially life threatening fire. I hope everyone is O.K.”

Deputy Mayor of Llanelli and county councillor for Glanymor Louvain Roberts said: “I am shocked to hear of yet another fire in Granby Close within a short space of time I am very relieved to hear no one was injured. Residents of Glanymor Ward will rally as always in a time of crisis . I have already questioned Carmarthenshire county council regarding the last time safety checks were done by Carmarthenshire county council and the Fire Service. I would like to know what fire apparatus are within these properties. e.g. sprinklers etc . I would like to express my thanks to the emergency services for their prompt action once again.”

Glanymor County Councillor John Prosser said: “We need to learn lessons from these incidents and my fellow County Councillor Louvain Roberts had already tabled a question to full council on this subject.”



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