Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Gower AM welcomes Wales Hub of ‘Employers for Carers’

Gower AM welcomes Wales Hub of ‘Employers for Carers’

REBECCA Evans AM, Assembly Member for Gower, has welcomed the launch of the Wales Hub of ‘Employers for Carers’.

The Hub which will be run by Carers Wales, has been funded by Welsh Government with the aim of encouraging employers across Wales to create carer-friendly work practices, ensuring more unpaid carers can stay in work.

Mrs Evans said: “We can never overestimate the contribution carers make not only to those the care for, but also to society as a whole. Their role is challenging – often both physically and emotionally – but nonetheless they selflessly dedicate themselves to whom they care for.”

One in nine people in the workforce care for someone who is older, seriously ill or is disabled. Recent surveys have revealed that almost half of unpaid carers have had to give up work completely to care.

Mrs Evans added: “Currently there are more than 180,000 carers in employment in Wales. With this is mind it is critical for employers to support carers who are juggling work and care, so they can stay in the workforce.  Keeping more carers in work has a triple benefit – for the carer ensuring they have a life outside caring, the business by retaining valued and experienced employees, and the economy by having more people in work.”

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