Wednesday, March 22, 2023
The Gothic Ghost Hunter at Llanelly House

The Gothic Ghost Hunter at Llanelly House

THE Gothic Ghost Hunter has been visiting Llanelly House in search of, what else but ghosts. The house and the surrounding area has a lot of ghost stories associated with it including the ghost of housemaid Mira Turner who is rumoured to roam the upper floors of the house. Her story is a tragic one. Having fallen pregnant in service and with no hope of identifying the father she took a dose of laudanam and threw herself out of the window.

Then there is the story of the runaway hearse of Lord Stepney, which it is said has been seen hurtling down Thomas Street towards the Parish Church.

Whatever you believe about ghosts ghouls and spirits Llanelly House  is the kind of place, which has that spooky feel when empty. Of course no harm will come to any one. After all, they are dead eh?

Llanelli Online went along to Llanelly House to accompany the Gothic Ghost Hunter on one of his ghost busting missions. You can watch our film here:

The Ghost of Mira Turner from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

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