Golfers Gift of ‘Life Saving’ Defibrillator for Burry Port

BURRY Port have received a new defibrillator today, Wednesday (Nov 7) thanks to the generous people in the community.

Those responsible for the fund raising gathered outside CK’s food store where the ‘vital’ and ‘life saving’ device was placed inside its container on the wall of the store.

The majority of the costs were covered by the Burry Port Charity Golf Association who raised funds through their annual golf day.

The costs of the container for the defibrillator were covered by CK’s.

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Speaking to Llanelli Online, Mike Hall of the Golf Association said: “CK contributes a lot to the local community so we thought it would be a good idea to work with them for this.

“You hear all the time about the NHS being stretched, A&E services under constant strain and anything that can be done to help the medics before people can get to hospital are vital.”

When asked how important these defibrillators are to the community, Councillor Shirley Matthews said: “They are absolutely vital to our community, we have had a few installed in the last couple of months and already I know that we have saved one life and that says it all.

“I don’t want people to be afraid to use them. I think there should be more than one in each village and town, there is price you can put on a life.”

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