Wednesday, March 22, 2023

God at Glasto

Thought for the week – Rev David Jones

Glastonbury last weekend saw the largest crowds ever. This, the most prestigious of music festivals began in 1970 when it was held in the beautiful Somerset countryside. You got in for a pound to see T Rex and one of the perks was free milk from the nearby farm! The 1500 who attended in 1970 has increased phenomenally to over 153,000 who came along this this year. Glastonbury has certainly become one of the most prestigious music festivals in the world and if you’ve been then there’s nothing quite like it.

Living under canvas in often close proximity to other noisy and sometimes smelly fellow revellers is never easy but soon becomes very much part of the experience of Glastonbury The inevitable result of any rainfall soon becomes an added attraction for those who see the fields of mud as an added bonus of the fun – the lesson is always take your wellingtons and never wear flowing clothes! Toilet facilities, so we are told have much improved in recent years but one serious warning from the environmental agency this year was that the non-use of toilets could well see the end of Glastonbury – now that’s something to think about! Then again, rain or shine Glastonbury’s unique atmosphere sees newcomers and regulars returning year after year and there’s no doubt that friendships are made and renewed year after year as Glastonbury now has friends all over the world.

Friendship, like music is a precious gift, and when both come together there can be a wonderful power for good. There’s something special about singing and performing for the pleasure of others or just listening and allowing the music to lift your spirit. Music is also a force for unity as it is not confined by language and is multicultural in its appeal. Our own Llangollen International Eisteddfod which begins in a few weeks’ time will bring singers, choirs and dancers from every continent and for a short time like Glastonbury will bring the world to that lovely part of North Wales. The Bible says ‘Let everything that has breath praise the Lord’ and what better way to worship than to sing to God and then to pray that the message of God’s love will find a place in the hearts of all people and of all nations. If this week so many were united by the sheer joy of music and friendship what potential there is for the message of God’s love bringing us closer in peace and understanding of each other. In the song that Status Quo sang to close Glastonbury some years ago that the message of friendship, tolerance and love will soon be ‘Rocking all over the world’

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