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Glenallagate and the demise of Plaid Cymru Llanelli

Glenallagate and the demise of Plaid Cymru Llanelli

Glenallagate: The ill fated meetings took place at Glenalla Chapel
THE Llanelli branch of Plaid Cymru or at least what was left of it if the rebels are to be believed has diminished even further as two senior members tendered their resignations today, Tuesday (May 8).

Howell Williams the Former Branch Secretary of Plaid Llanelli and Sean Rees Llanelli Town Councillor and former Branch Chairman of Plaid Llanelli have submitted their resignations at Glenalla Chapel, a place where Cllr Sean Rees claims the demise of the local party started. If the self publicising missives from Cllr Rees are to be believed then 40 members have now left the party in what is claimed to be a ‘mass resignation’.

Much like a pod of Whales going to meet their end it has left a few searching for answers as to why it happened and others trying to bury the carcass before the smell becomes unbearable.

Unlike the pod of whales, the remnants have not been left to decay and rot, they have managed to return to the political ocean or within a cock’s crow of the North Dock anyway and aim to breath new life into those cretaceous lungs. A new community focused group is to be formed with further details around this to be made public in the coming weeks.

The wounded have not gone quietly and as with the whale’s song, which is the creation of a pattern of predictable sounds, which have been noted for their eerie and haunting melodies by those that have observed it, there will be further singing in unison in Llanelli.

Mr Williams cites difficulties surrounding the party leadership and administration for his resignation. He said:

I believe that at this moment in time that the conduct displayed by our Leader, Chairman and Chief Executive falls far short of what we expect from an ethical, just and fair party as manifested in the imposition of an ineligible candidate for the Llanelli Constituency in 2017- replacing a candidate who was elected by a majority of the members that attended the hustings and their refusal to deal with a number of legitimate complaints made by 26 members of the Llanelli Constituency against the imposed candidate. Favouritism and nepotism is rife in the leadership of the party. I will not be attending the hearing on the 14th  of May as I believe that the members of the panel are far too close to the leadership so I would not get a fair hearing- if I wanted a kangaroo court I would travel to Australia. I will not re-join the party until the present leadership is replaced. I have cancelled my monthly subscription to the party. I believe in the ideals of the party but feel at the moment the leaders of the party are not interested in justice and fair play.

Sean Rees cited similar reasons for resigning from the party. He said:

It is with great sadness, regret and disillusionment that I write to notify you of my resignation as a Plaid Cymru Councillor and Member, as of today. I will now be serving the communities that I represent as a non Party aligned Councillor on Llanelli Town Council – those communities are and always will be my priority.  This decision has not been taken lightly but follows the unjust selection process which resulted in the imposition of a candidate at the 2017 Westminster Election in Llanelli. Additionally, the conduct of a few individuals against me, my family and many others over the past year has been very worrying and distressing, to say the least. Such conduct has resulted in a number of formal complaints being submitted, all of which appear to have been completely ignored by the Party’s leadership and not addressed in accordance with the Party’s official disciplinary procedures.  The refusal to hold a full, fair and independent investigation also clearly gives the impression that there is something to hide.  The principles of due process, natural justice and freedom of speech must be fully respected and are very important to me. Recent events clearly show that there is currently a democratic deficit within the Party.  The only winner here is Plaid’s opponents and I’ve only ever wanted the best for the Party and the community.

We have asked the National party for a comment and we will publicise their response in an update to this article.

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