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Could you give a child a home?

Could you give a child a home?

PEOPLE in Carmarthenshire are being asked to open their hearts and homes for children in need.

It comes as part of National Adoption Week, October 16-23 and a search to find loving families willing to give a child a home. Already more than 35 children have been adopted in the county in the last two years, but there are still children waiting.

A meeting is being held next Thursday to coincide with National Adoption Week, October 16-23 where anyone interested of thinking of adopting can find out more.

Amy, from Carmarthen, adopted Lorraine and Elaine when they were three years old after seeing an advert in the local newspaper. Her natural daughter, Martine, has been so inspired by her mum’s experience that she has decided to follow in her footstep and is in the process of adopting herself. Amy said: “I’ve always wanted lots of children. When I heard there were two sisters I was very keen.

“They are very close and caring towards each other. Horses have been a big part of their lives. It has given them something to work for. They are professional riders and have won lots of competitions.

“I wouldn’t change a thing although the first few years were very difficult as they had never any ground rules – they were whirlwinds! Go for it and don’t be scared if things don’t go exactly how you planned, it takes time to build a relationship. I live for my girls, they are my life, all of them. ”

The number of children waiting for adoptive families at this time are fewer than in recent years with the greatest need for sibling groups who need families to keep them together. They are across a range of ages and may have additional needs or behavioural issues.

The council’s executive board member for education and children’s services, Cllr Glynog Davies said: “Adopters provide a wide range of loving homes for vulnerable children in Wales. They face daily the challenges and rewards of parenting children who have experienced trauma, loss, attachment and identity issues. In Carmarthenshire we are currently seeking more adoptive families. We have a team of experienced, committed adoption social workers who can discuss any questions people have about the adoption process.”

If you’d like to go along to the meeting next Thursday (Oct 19)between 6-7.30pm, then please call 01267 246970 to book a place or email

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