Sunday, April 2, 2023
GI Joe adds his might to Llanelli Online

GI Joe adds his might to Llanelli Online

THE pen is mightier than the sword so they say. One man who should be able to make a balanced judgement on that is Joe Williams AKA GI Joe.

Joe Williams is the owner, creator, come mastermind behind GI Joe Personal Training.

During its 5-year-period Joe has changed 100’s of lives for the better with exceptional weight loss results.

Before this Joe served in the British Army as a PTI, where he was responsible for the fitness of 100’s of soldiers.

Getting results is something he’s always done. He is determined to help 100’s more feel the best they ever have and wants to be the last person you need to ask for help.

Joe will be writing a column for Llanelli Online on a weekly basis and you can expect tough love as he tries to get us all off the sofa, the computer chair and the car seat to take up some life changing activity.

You can contact Joe at GIJoe Personal Training Team T-07837113752

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