Monday, June 5, 2023
Gary Jones – Welsh Lab – Llangennech – 5 Pledges

Gary Jones – Welsh Lab – Llangennech – 5 Pledges

Hello my name is Gary Jones, I am a team leader in Trostre, and hope to represent Llangennech ward in May. I am the Welsh Labour candidate alongside Jacqueline Seward.  My 5 pledges are,

1. I will fully communicate any decisions that directly affect Llangennech and Bryn, will hold regular surgeries, and make myself accessible for contact.

2. Education is the key to the future of our County and Country, we must raise standards. I believe Dual Stream is the way forward for all schools, and that pupils should have access to English and Welsh Medium education, without having to travel to obtain it.

3. We must not neglect the vulnerable in our society, it’s easy to delegate social services to deal with these problems, but we all have a role in looking after each other.

4. Sport, Culture and the Arts, these should encouraged and supported, we are losing sports grounds and teams, this must be reversed. Equally the Arts must be encouraged and supported, we have excellent facilities in Llanelli and Carmarthen. We also have great festivals in Laugharne and Llandeilo

5. We live in an area of outstanding beauty, we have beaches, wildlife, a beautiful countryside, these must be protected, and preserved.

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