Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Gareth’s got his bike back

Gareth’s got his bike back

Reunited: Gareth McKibbins and his much loved bicycle

HEARTLESS thieves left a young Burry Port man distraught when they stole his much loved bicycle from outside the CO-op store in the town.

Gareth McKibbins is a well known and much loved young man in his home town. He used the bicycle for his independence and is rarely seen without it.

The community of Burry Port took to social media to vent their anger that anyone could steal a bicycle from a young man with downs syndrome.

Gareth’s Mum said that he has had a terrible time since the theft of the bicycle.

Thankfully the bicycle has now been returned to Gareth but unfortunately some of the items he treasured were missing including his pannier bags and lights.

Cllr Amanda Fox said: We are very grateful to the community of Burry port for their concern and support and their care for Gareth. It is great to see him reunited with his bicycle but it doesn’t detract from the fact that someone could do this to a vulnerable young man. We hope the police find the culprits. Sadly some of Gareth’s items are missing but I have been told that there are plans to purchase new lights and pannier bags for him.”




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