4th August 2021

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A programme to support children and young people in Ammanford, who have experienced or witnessed domestic abuse, have received essential funding from the Moondance Foundation.

It is estimated that 133,053 children in Wales have experienced or witnessed domestic abuse. These adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can have a huge impact on children and young people (CYP), but referral options are limited due to the lack of specialist support available.

During the current pandemic social contact, school, clubs/activities and friends that once provided a break or an opportunity for CYP to get support, has disappeared and the time spent with an abuser in a confined space increased.

Calan Domestic Violence Service, with an office based in Ammanford, are forward planning for the increased need to support CYP and have the welcomed funding from The Moondance Foundation that will build their capacity in Ammanford to support them to reach out to more victims and children and young people.

Councillor Rob James, Labour leader on Carmarthenshire County Council, has congratulated Calan DVS on the successful funding bid.

Cllr Rob James stated “The tremendous work undertaken by Calan DVS to support families and individuals affected by domestic violence in the Amman Valley and further afield must not go unnoticed.

“We have seen a decrease in reports of domestic abuse in our area during the lockdown, yet I fear that the reported cases will be the tip of the iceberg, with charities such as Calan DVS hearing many more horrific stories after the lockdown.

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“Therefore, additional funding to support those affected after domestic violence is absolutely essential and I congratulate Calan on this announcement.”

Michelle Whelan, Interim CEO of Calan DVS, said: “We are very grateful to The Moondance Foundation for the funding to support the delivery of these programmes in Ammanford. We already know through Safelives statistics, that 64% of high and medium risk victims have on average 2 children each and that on average, high-risk abuse has been going on for 2.6 years, meaning these children are living with abuse for most of their life.”

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