29th July 2021

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IMAGINE the conditions, the dust and dirt working almost 2,000 feet underground at a Welsh mine. Is it any wonder that many of the miners decided that this was not the sort of job they wanted for their sons.

Many took to studying subjects like music, law or even accountancy to try and prepare for the day when they knew they would eventually get out of the mine and start a new life. Even historians like HV Morton mentioned the plight of the miner and his experience of meeting what he described as some of the most well educated and polite men he had ever come across.

Dr John Evans was one of these miners who worked at a number of mines including Cynheidre in Carmarthenshire.

Speaking to us today, Monday (Jul 16) Dr Evans told us of his experience with The Open University when he was a miner in Cross Hands.

Dr Evans likened the beginning of the Open University to the establishment of the NHS.

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He said: “The Open University has provided me with an objective way of looking at things and the confidence to speak in public on issues and in various roles that I have occupied as an advocate for other people a role that I have enjoyed due to my trade union background.”

The interview can be viewed below:

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