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Free summer lunch project for Llwynhendy children

Free summer lunch project for Llwynhendy children

The Llwynhendy free summer lunch project 2017 was initiated by the County Councillor for the Llwynhendy Ward Cllr Sharen Davies.

Councillor Davies has been working closely with the Pemberton Ward Rural Councillors Jason Hart and Ella Simmons and a number of local volunteers to deliver the project, the idea came about as Cllr Davies was fully aware of how some parents in the Llwynhendy area were struggling with feeding their children during the school summer holidays and how local food banks were also struggling to support families during this period. Many of the parent’s access free school meals for their children during term time, unfortunately for some this luxury doesn’t happen during school holidays. One of the parents who is coming along said “when my children are in school they get free school meals, now they are home in the holidays I don’t get that luxury and my benefits don’t go up during the holidays and it’s a struggle when I need all the extra food shopping, its costs a fortune to feed my three, this free lunch idea has been amazing, thank you everyone “

Several generous donations were received from Morrisons in Llanelli, Castell Howell, Nigel Fleming Baker, and raffles have also been organised by Andrew Howells, all of these have helped to fund and facilitate the lunches. The Trallwm Hall Committee have donated the use of the Hall for the cooking and hosting of the project and Carmarthenshire Communities First donated some arts and crafts resources for the children attending. All of the volunteers and Councillors involved in the project have expressed their thanks for the generosity and kindness of the suppliers in enabling the project to take place.

Cllr Davies said “it’s only our second day of the project today and we have already fed over 100 people, its lovely to see the Community coming together and enjoying the food together”

All of the volunteers have said how they have loved seeing and meeting the families who have come along, Sarah one of the volunteers said “I’m am so blessed to be a part of this project, its lovely to meet the children and to see how helpful they are when we are clearing up after lunch, they are such lovely children and families, what a lovely community”

Each day the children receive a cooked meal and a pudding and a drink, on the menu this week its sausage, beans and chips, chicken nuggets, beans and chips, spaghetti Bolognese, next week’s menu is a roast dinner, pizza and chips, fish fingers beans and chips, and pudding is cake and custard, fruit crumbles and custard. One of the attendees a young man aged 11 years old said “this is the best chocolate cake and custard I’ve tasted, its lush, and I’m coming back tomorrow for another dinner”

If any organisations feel that they can support this project or if anyone thinks that they would like to help out at the project then please get in touch, all help would be gratefully received.

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