Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Former Llanelli brewery on most endangered buildings list

Former Llanelli brewery on most endangered buildings list

A former brewery in Carmarthenshire is said to be one of the most endangered buildings in the UK.

The Buckley’s Brewery Maltings in Llanelli, which was one of the first to produce canned beer has been named in the Victorian Society’s list of top 10 endangered buildings.

Almost twenty years since it became derelict due to beer production moving to Cardiff, the site, located on the banks of the river Lliedi had plans (made in 2014)  for it to be converted into flats.

In a statement the Victorian Society said: ”These maltings once formed part of the 19th century development and expansion of Buckley’s Brewery, one of the first breweries in the world to produced canned beer.

They have been left empty and without a use since the brewery closed and moved to Cardiff in 1998, and those two decades of neglect show in the poor state of the building.

A planning application of conversion to residential apartments was approved in 2014 but no progress has been made, and further delay is a luxury these endangered buildings can no longer afford.”

10 interesting facts about Buckley’s Brewery:

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