Thursday, June 8, 2023
Forest inferno at Pembrey

Forest inferno at Pembrey

Forest Fire Pembrey Mountain from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

THE Emergency Services have been dealing with a large scale forest fire in an area known as Pembrey Mountain this evening, Friday (Jun 29). Witnesses say that they saw the first glimpses of the fire at around 7pm.

There was an enormous police and fire service presence at the scene including a helicopter but they were unable to get any vehicles or crews close enough to deal with the fire located in a remote rural location.

One local who had accompanied the emergency services in order to show them a route to the fire said that it was an eerie place to be. The resident who did not wish to be identified said that fire crews had reached a hilltop farm and that property was not under any threat.

The main presence was centred along Pembrey Road where the emergency services command centre was located and where they readied themselves should the fire have turned down the mountain towards the main residential area.

We witnessed fire crews going up the mountain but we were told there was very little they could do. We were told that  there was no fire break within the forest and therefore it was considered too much of a risk to send crews in.

Residents poured out onto the streets to watch the drama unfold. Some brought our tea and water for the fire crews. Many took to social media to post photos and videos and to check on family members living in the area.

By the early hours of this morning, Saturday (Jun 30) there was still a huge emergency services presence in the residential area. It is likely that the fire will burn through the night.

Photos: Iwan Lewis, Alan Evans, Elkanah Evans, Emyr Evans and Peter A Tully

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