5th July 2022

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‘Flies rats and rubbish’ blighting Llanelli’s streets claims concerned resident

DESPITE the best efforts of Carmarthenshire’s refuse collectors some streets in Llanelli are strewn with litter and now attracting flies and rats according to one resident who sent photos and a video of streets around the town centre. Blue and black bags and old utility items can be seen strewn around the area of Bres Road. The resident also claims that a number of other streets are in a similar state.

Elina Purfield took to Facebook to air her concerns.

She wrote: “It’s Awful right now. What’s happening peoples no care attitude is shocking! And the council are not cleaning it up.

“So it’s our responsibility to ensure that littering stops. Stop cleaning your cars onto the street. Take your litter home. the beach and sea is not a place to leave it.
Have a KFC or McDonald’s. There are no fairies coming to pick up all the boxes and plastic you’ve dumped in the car parks. Please Put out the correct bins! Recycle!

“Carmarthenshire County Council please pick up more bins more regularly as more waste is created due to people being home more. And our insane production of plastic. Please replace or upgrade bins on New Dock and other areas so we have a bin to put our rubbish in. Please invest in bins for people. Wheelie bins so that rodents and birds don’t open bags. It blows everywhere in minutes.

“We need a big clean up. But we also need people to step up and change. It’s hard enough right now for everyone. I want to enjoy my garden and my walks. Not feel so overwhelmed by this mess that’s being created.

“Flies and Rats are Back! Obviously just look at the photos.

“Carmarthen council have been emailed 100s of times

“So dear council its unacceptable and unbearable we can’t go anywhere for a walk without seeing litter. There’s glass everywhere on most pavements the walk to Trostre trees have overgrown but lurking underneath is litter rotting food bags. Poor wildlife. The railway bridge by the walk to Trostre (walking bridge) is the biggest fly tip zone ever. Even the tracks are dangerously full of litter.

“Still haven’t had any bins replaced on New Dock Road. Litter everywhere on streets lanes kerbsides and even the beach. I picked up over 30 plastic pieces of litter dumped by people.
So I’ve posted this on Facebook. I will make a video in the next few weeks to start an appeal both to you the council and to us the people who just don’t care. This is a 50/50 responsibility issue. We need Educating but Also help. Not fines but Bins and we need there to be realistic plan for the amount of plastic we have. Not a government or council who just pretend it’s not there”.

We contacted Carmarthenshire County Council for a comment.

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