Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Fixed penalties for litterer and dog foulers

Fixed penalties for litterer and dog foulers

ENVIRONMENTAL enforcement officers have issued fixed penalty notices for dog fouling and fly tipping offences in Carmarthenshire.

Over the weekend the officers employed by Carmarthenshire County Council issued three on the spot penalties for dog fouling.

Two were issued to two males who failed to clear their dog faeces in the Shands Road area of Ammanford and another on Pendine beach.

A further £75 fixed penalty was issued to a man who left waste on the ground at Abergwili recycling facility.

Executive board member for environmental health and public protection, Cllr Philip Hughes, said: “I hope these fixed penalty notices will help send out the message that our enforcement officers are about all over the county and that people who are careless about collecting dog waste and littering will be financially punished.

“We want to keep Carmarthenshire clean and tidy for residents and our increasing number of tourists. It is completely unacceptable that people leave their litter behind for others to collect or allow their dogs to foul on beaches, at parks when children play and on footpaths for the inconvenience of others without picking up after their pets.

“We can make a difference if we act responsibly and all have our part to play in keeping Carmarthenshire clean helping to reduce waste, recycle well by using facilities properly and also reporting people who flout the law.”

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