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Five go on a comedy adventure to The Hyst in Swansea

Five go on a comedy adventure to The Hyst in Swansea

WHAT do you call a group of comedians? A gaggle? A riot? Or, simply, a lot of fun.

Anyone struggling to find a collective noun will find the answer at The Hyst in Swansea High Street on Friday, October 12.

The popular venue is staging a ‘Comedy Showcase’ featuring many of the most talented comedians working in Wales today.

The event is billed as ‘Phil Evans and Friends’ and will see the entertainer and newspaper columnist joined on stage by Gary Slaymaker, Aled Richards, Karen Sherrard and Steffan Evans.

Phil Evans is known as an accomplished stage performer who has more pop than a case of Corona.

He’ll be in the vanguard of a five-pronged attack on the funny bones.

“It’ll be the first time for many of us to perform at The Hyst,” said Phil.

“We are looking forward to enjoying the venue’s unique atmosphere. It’s a casual evening; you don’t have to get dressed up for it! But we do guarantee lorry loads of laughs.

“I always have to watch my words when describing fellow comedian Gary Slaymaker, but it’s fair to say he is a ‘big’ performer in every sense of the word. He’s well known as the BBC Radio Wales film reviewer. He’s an author, comedy writer and broadcaster. A special freight train has been organised to bring him in to Swansea.”

Aled Richards has been in the news lately taking part in a special Radio Wales programme to celebrate World Heart Day. If anybody can make a heart attack sound funny, then he can! His stage act does ‘celebrate’ the strange things that happen in Aled’s life.

Karen Sherrard is a real ‘character’ comedian. You may find it difficult recognising the ‘real life’ Karen Sherrard in some of her ‘on stage’ personas. She’s also well known as a comedy writer and voice-over artist.

Steffan Evans is a gifted storyteller who enjoys performing in both Welsh and English. He’s from Crymych in Pembrokeshire, which may explain a lot about his act.

Comedy ringmaster Phil Evans added: “All in all, it’s going to be a great night at The Hyst. We have five big hitters from the Welsh comedy circuit (some bigger than others!). We’re going to have fun on stage and we can guarantee a great night out for what we hope will be a full house at The Hyst.

Comedy Showcase – Phil Evans and Friends is at The Hyst, 218 High Street, Swansea, at 7.30pm on Friday, October 12. To book, go to Tickets are £10.

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