Saturday, April 1, 2023
Fire Fighters draw the crowds in Pontyates

Fire Fighters draw the crowds in Pontyates

Pontyates fire station threw open its doors today, Saturday (Jun 24) and welcomed residents and visitors in for tea, cakes a raffle and demonstrations of activities carried out by the emergency services. On hand were the station’s firefighters and the ambulance service. Children were given the opportunity to climb aboard the fire engines and into the ambulances. There were all sorts of activities going on including demos of resuscitation and how not to put out a chip pan (see our slow mo video here).

There was also a hi tech road safety van present where people could sit in a simulator and learn about the perils of driving while using a mobile phone or under the influence of alcohol or drugs via a pair of glasses which changed the participant’s vision.

The day had a serious side to it as the firefighters raised funds. It was evident from the crowd that this was a very popular community event and that a lot had been shared and learned.

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