Sunday, April 2, 2023
Felinfoel’s Education Centre car park to reopen

Felinfoel’s Education Centre car park to reopen

FOLLOWING lobbying by Felinfoel County Councillor Bill Thomas and local residents, Carmarthenshire County Council has agreed to re-open the car park alongside the Felinfoel Community Education Centre.

The Education Centre (also known as the Darllenfa) was closed in July 2016 but the car park was left open for local residents to use. Recently the gates were chained to prevent parking because of insurance risk concerns.

A site meeting was held at the start of September with council officers who agreed to investigate what could be done. The council contacted Cllr Bill Thomas last week to say that after carrying out some work to block access to the main building from the car park, the car park gate will be unlocked.

Cllr Bill Thomas said: “I am pleased that the County Council officers have found a way to make the car park accessible again for local residents. The building was first opened in 1905 and was always meant to be for the benefit of the local community. Although the building is currently not open I’m glad that the car park can be used again. We now have to see if there are ways that the building can be brought back into use. The Felinfoel community raised funds and helped to build the Darllenfa. We don’t want all of those efforts to be wasted.” .

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