Monday, March 27, 2023
Every little helps – It’s Christian Aid Week

Every little helps – It’s Christian Aid Week

Thought for the week: Rev David Jones

Thought for the week – Reverend David Jones

Supermarkets it seems are taking much more seriously than ever the increasing problem of food wastage. The bargain offers such as two for the price of one are now being actively discouraged as they are the main reason that families on average are waste an estimated £700 a year on food that is eventually binned.

In most cases it’s because we are being nudged into falling for these bargain offers which is adding to food waste and is becoming a major issue in most developed countries. Another trend is how many of us rummage in the back of the fruit and vegetable displays to get the best date when if properly stored are fine for a long time after the date printed on the packaging.

It’s no wonder that if a recent report is to be believed we actually throw away about a third of what we buy – that’s quite a lot of food, much I suspect we put in the trolley on the spur of the moment when offers like that seem irresistible. The saying ‘waste not want not’ remains sound advice and which can make a real difference. Did I really need those extra items that ended up in the bin? of course not.

What’s the advantage of something it its half price and eventually becomes a mouldy mass in the fridge? Perhaps the money could have been better spent as a gift to those in greatest need within our community especially when we hear of more families’ dependent on food banks than ever before. Even giving away those extras we get from those offers could make a difference in the lives of those who are struggling.

To ignore the needs of others is to deny them even the possibility of a better tomorrow and of us never knowing what real joy there is in giving.

This week is Christian Aid week reminding us of those for whom hunger and homelessness is a constant reality and who live where food is scarce and clean water just a dream.

Jesus gave new understanding as to what it means to be a good neighbour when he spoke of going the extra mile and of caring for those beyond our loved ones and friends. So whether it’s the family up the road who are struggling to make ends meet or communities in some parts of Africa who are crying out for our help – can we really pass by on the other side?

Your local church is collecting this Christian Aid week to help those in need – Give them your support.

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