17th August 2022

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Enforcement to stop people using trains without paying forces paying passengers to miss trains

Disruption: Security and staff patrolling Llanelli train station

A Transport for Wales and British Transport Police joint operation has been labelled ‘a joke’ after dozens of people missed their trains due to a enforced revenue protection measure at Llanelli Railway Station today, Wednesday (Mar 27).

According to train passengers, approximately 8 members of staff including security led all people entering the station to queue at the one ticket machine in the station. The ticket office was closed.

A number of passengers said that this caused people to miss their train due to the long queues at the one machine.

One elderly gentleman said: “It is a bit of a joke. The ticket office isn’t open. Everyone has to go to the same machine and people are missing their trains because of it.”

In a tweet by British Transport Police Swansea, they said: “Today we are patrolling between Llanelli and Carmarthen and linking in with Transport for Wales.”

It has been named as revenue protection at stations with the aim of stopping people using trains without paying.

However some people claimed they felt ‘intimidated’ by the large security presence.

One man said: “I felt quite intimidated, I was asked for my tickets 3 times by these security guards. Luckily I have time until my train comes but having 7 or 8 staff here is over the top. Most of them are on their phones sitting down.”

We contacted Transport for Wales to ask about some of these concerns from train users. We had not received an answer at the time of publishing this article.

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