Monday, June 5, 2023
Election SNAP Fever!…. Have you got it?

Election SNAP Fever!…. Have you got it?

The NEW game from CANTELL

Election SNAP – Make as many copies as you like and cut out the cards. Hours of fun for the whole family. 

Not one but two elections within a very short space of time for the public of Llanelli to revel in. The local elections are already promising to be a blood or mud bath depending on which side of the Lliedi you reside as candidates battle it out. Like the Grand National there will be fallers, the people’s favourites, those who get pulled up, those who may not win but will take a lot of votes and the also rans. That leaves the odds on favourites battling it out jumping the hedges around Llanelli like the days of old when feral kids terrorised the estates.

It seems we have a new breed of politician in Llanelli the likes of which, we have not seen before. What sets them apart is that they now have technology at their disposal. The murky world of social media. Facebook can be the making or breaking of a candidate depending on how they deal with the faithful and the trolls. It sounds like a script right out of a book by J R Hartley. No, Tolkien. Hartley was the guy who did fly fishing. They never found him nor his book.

Who then should you ask your Gran to put ten bob on? Will it be a certainty in Rob James the young, fit and pretty darned well turned out if you don’t mind me saying so?

Will it be Sian Caiach the red headed Celtic princess who has dabbled in the dark arts of asking questions of executive board members and the CEO Mark James?

Will it be Ken Rees of UKIP. A man blamed so heavily for shenanigans at Parc Howard though the truth to be told is that he was not the instigator after all. Does Ken deserve a chance, an each way bet?

Plaid Cymru are fielding a large number of runners and they will be hoping that the bad press following their Carmarthenshire leader will blow away on the springtime winds and promises of exciting things and that in town like.

Labour released their manifesto at the Selwyn Samuel Centre some time ago and the group photo of all the runners has been much maligned on blog sites such as Dolly Parton ate my hamster and The Ghost of Port Talbot lives at 22 Railway Place. Oh yes, there has been a lot of confusion over addresses but we blame the janitor. He’d have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those pesky kids. That dog left a deposit too Jim.

The PM shocked us all with the call for a snap election. It means that all MP’s must now sit around a table with a pack of cards and the one with the biggest pile wins. At least that was what the press officer at the Lib Dems told us.

Here high in the alps of Carmarthenshire where folks speak that strange language with so many vowels you would not believe that the country is about to embark on a decision making process, which will shape U.K. politics like no election has ever done. Are we voting for an MP to represent us or are we voting to stay or leave the E.U.? Are we voting for a Plaid or Labour led council or a coalition with a party, who claim to be independent but by the very nature of their pact with the other party renders itself one or the other.

In the spirit of fair play, which this website has never been accused of being shy of we have included the Plaid Cymru Local Manifesto

Plaid_Cymru_2017_Manifesto_for_Carmarthenshire Plaid_Cymru_2017_Manifesto_for_Carmarthenshire

When I say never, remember those troll folk? The keyboard warriors. Those folks that sit at their tablets or laptops or PC’s with their underpants or knickers pulled ever so tightly up their ar**s and with complexions so pale as a result of never being exposed to sunshine nor that other source of Vitamin C Sunny Delight that they curse and rant and rave and froth at the mouth while their heads do a 360 and the local priest throws a bucket of dwr over them fetched at the crack of dawn from the holy well at the back of the worky’s clurrb. Well pay them no heed for they know not what they say or do.

What the good folk of this ere parish want to know is… What are you going to do about the lack of jobs for our young people? What are you going to do about the fact that we don’t have the infrastructure for the building of so many new homes. Not enough doctors surgeries, not enough places in schools, not enough public transport services, etc. What are you going to do about the lack of affordable homes? What about the lack of business premises for young start ups? What about the rising crime levels, the state of the town centre, the anti social behaviour, etc. I am sure that there are numerous other questions you may wish to ask those folks, who are about to or have already begun knocking on your door promising you the Earth. My little girl asked recently ‘do all fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time”? My reply was ‘No, some begin with – If I am elected.’

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