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Dyfed-Powys Police Bravery Award 2020

AS the events industry begins to reopen, we reflect on last year’s Dyfed-Powys Police Annual Awards.

Tonight, the BRIT Awards pays thanks to the those who have played a crucial role in the pandemic as it hosts an audience of 4,000 key workers in a pilot scheme that assesses the opening of large-scale events in the UK!

Though we have been unable to attend sizable gatherings and events for over a year now, this news gives hope that better, more sociable times are ahead for everybody.

So, to continue the celebrations, we are looking back at Dyfed-Powys Police’s 2020 Annual Awards, which were held over several virtual presentations, and over the next few days we will be sharing a selection of success stories and celebrating the winners.

We start by reflecting on two police officers from Aberystwyth who were awarded the 2020 Bravery award after their selfless actions helped save a young woman’s life.

Detective Sergeant (DS) Katy Evans and Police Constable (PC) Ian Chattun were presented with the Dyfed-Powys Police Bravery Award after they leapt into action when they were alerted to a woman in difficulty on the seafront.

Friends said the woman was in considerable distress. DS Evans and PC Chattun ran to the beach, where friends were frantically trying to stop the woman from going further into the water or being swept off her feet by the strong waves.

Suddenly she was swept out beyond the surf line.

Without even stopping to remove their stab vests or equipment belts, the officers plunged into the water along with a member of the public and fought their way out towards the woman.

The combination of the rip currents and the woman’s determination to break away from them meant everyone was soon in well over their heads.

Upon entering the water, DS Evans had activated the emergency button on her radio, alerting nearby officers that something was wrong.

When backup arrived at the promenade, they could just make out the flashing red circles of the officers’ activated Axon body cams.

As the additional officers reached the waterline DS Evans, PC Chattun and a member of the public were successfully fighting against the current to drag the woman safely back to shore.

Other units and an ambulance quickly arrived, and the distraught woman was handed over to the care of paramedics.

Sergeant David Hawksworth, who nominated the pair, said: “Both officers showed extraordinary and selfless bravery in making the split-second decision to enter the water.

“In near complete darkness, fighting against strong offshore currents, there is no doubt that if thet had they not reacted instantly – placing themselves at serious risk of drowning – then this young woman would have been lost in the darkness and swept out to sea”.

DC Daniel Thomas, of Pembroke Dock Port Unit, who rescued two people trapped in a freight lorry, and PCSOs Ian Morgan and PCSO Nia Humphries, of Ammanford Neighbourhood Policing Team, who prevented a woman from falling from a bridge, were also recognised as named runners-up for the prestigious award.

Join us again tomorrow as we share the story of two security guards who tackled a dangerous driver at the Royal Welsh Show.

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