POLICE and Crime Commissioner Dafydd Llywelyn has this week invited organisations who provide support to victims of domestic and sexual violence to bid for additional funding to assist them with COVID 19 related costs.

On 2 May, the Government announced a £76 million package of support to ensure that the most vulnerable in society get the support they need during the pandemic. This included funding to help survivors of domestic abuse and their children by providing more safe spaces, accommodation and access to support services during the coronavirus outbreak.

This week, the government have shared with PCCs (Police and Crime Commissioners) the details of these funds and the guidelines.

Dafydd Llywelyn, said; “As Police and Crime Commissioner, I am keen to ensure the safety of all victims during this unprecedented time, but in particular I recognise the dangers faced by victims of domestic and sexual abuse for whom home is not necessarily a safe place during lockdown.

“I am working with providers whom I currently commission to ensure they can access the required funding. I would now like to invite any organisations which I do not currently fund, who are providing support to victims of domestic and sexual violence, to bid for additional funding to assist them with Covid 19 related costs.

“Detailed guidance is available in the below links. If you wish to submit a request for this funding, please use the template provided as part of the guidance and return to my office via the below email by close of play on Monday 1st of June 2020.

“Please do not hesitate to contact my team if you have any queries or wish to discuss the funding available. Please contact Alison Perry, Director of Commissioning, via OPCC@dyfed-powys.pnn.police.uk

Domestic Abuse National Services:

The Home Office has now published the guidance for a £2 million fund for domestic abuse services. The fund will be aimed at:

Organisations which provide a national service (i.e. covering all of England and/or Wales);

Organisations where the supported victims are very geographically dispersed over multiple PCC areas, and/or no one PCC area is the clear base for the majority of victims;

Umbrella or second tier organisations;

Organisations which do capacity building, or which support other organisations to support victims and survivors. This includes those supporting the police in their response to domestic abuse. It also includes those supporting local authorities or other statutory bodies.

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Details can be found here

Domestic Abuse Local Services:

The Ministry of Justice have also launched a further part of the domestic abuse funding, involving:

£10 million for domestic abuse services which are already commissioned by PCCs; and

£5 million for domestic abuse services which are not currently commissioned by PCCs.

Details can be found here.

Sexual Abuse Local Services:

The Ministry of Justice has also now launched:

£5 million of funding for sexual violence services, covering organisations already commissioned by PCCs and those which are not currently commissioned by PCCs; and

A separate £5 million fund for organisations which are already funded through the national Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Fund (RSF).

Details can be found here.

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