Monday, June 5, 2023
Double yellows place equestrians in danger

Double yellows place equestrians in danger

Dear Editor, I am writing to you in regards to the parking restrictions at Pembrey.

I am a horse rider and I have a permit to ride in Pembrey woods. I buy this permit because sadly the roads where I live have become far too dangerous to ride on. Carmarthenshire has a massive lack of bridleways especially around Bynea, which would force me to ride on main roads.

I have just seen you write up regarding the double yellow lines down Pembrey.

I hack my horse every week down Pembrey. Either the woods or the beach. I like to park up and ride in a safe environment.

I have a 7.5tonne lorry 27 foot long, so I’m very limited to where I can park it. If the car park is full then I have nowhere to park unless I park on the double yellow lines.

My horse is unfortunately traffic shy (he’s scared of caravans, lorries, tractors) due to nearly being hit by a car on the long road going into Pembrey from the bridge. He ended up rearing and falling over backwards on the road after a car nearly hit his back legs (police called but unfortunately couldn’t find the car as he left the scene of a accident)

My horse has never been 100% on the roads since, nor me.

For obvious reasons I can’t park at Daisy Cafe as no one slows down enough on that road. At this time of year its extremely busy too. Making riders ride on that road is an accident waiting to happen. We were lucky not to be killed that day.

I really hope the council will realise how dangerous this is and that if there’s now no room in the small car park. Where do we park safely? This is forcing horse riders/dog walkers onto the road.

Closing yet another place so horse riders can’t ride. Carmarthenshire council doesn’t support horse riders. No bridleways. We have nowhere to ride safely but everywhere for cyclists though. We’re also not allowed to park through the gates and I have an annual parking permit.

This effects horse riders and walkers who just want to enjoy the countryside safely

Thanks, Jeanette Davies
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