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Don’t stay on The Strand  too long

Don’t stay on The Strand too long

IF you want to avoid having a parking ticket stuck on your windscreen in Swansea, don’t overstay your welcome on The Strand.

The city centre backstreet is fertile hunting territory for the council’s traffic wardens who issued 1,537 tickets there during 2018-19 – the most of any street in the county.

Parking illegally also carried particular risk on nearby Wind Street and High Street, where 1,144 and 1,101 tickets respectively were issued.

During the 12-month period, Swansea wardens dished out 46,494 penalty charges, which brought the council £1.98m revenue.

The tickets are £70 or £50 – or half if you pay within 14 days.

The most penalty charges issued by an individual warden was 3,751, pipping their nearest colleague by 59 tickets.

In addition, camera enforcement vehicles operated by the council dealt out a further 10,711 penalty charges.

While some people bemoan the presence of wardens, many business owners get frustrated that cars are parked illegally outside their premises for hours on end, in turn affecting their footfall.

A spokesman said: “Enforcement is carried out to ensure the safety of all road users and pedestrians and to maintain the free flow of traffic through congested, built-up and residential areas.”

During 2018-19 the council also received £3.9m from car parking charges, but made a £335,000 loss from its park and ride service.

All revenue received from car parks gets reinvested in the parking and park and ride service, said the council .

The figures follow a Freedom of Information request by the Local Democracy Reporter Service.

Carmarthenshire Council, meanwhile, issued 8,897 parking tickets in 2018-19.

The most tickets were issued on the lane at the rear of Llanelli’s Vaughan Street, followed by Blue Street and Lammas Street in Carmarthen.

The council was unable to say how much revenue it received from car parks and how much it spent on them because these figures come under a wider parking services department.

Next year’s figures are likely to include tickets from camera enforcement vehicles, which began operating in Carmarthenshire in April.

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