Saturday, November 26, 2022
Dogs banned from Burry Port pitches following ‘incident’

Dogs banned from Burry Port pitches following ‘incident’

BURRY Port AFC and RFC have announced a ban to dogs on their pitches following an ‘incident’ which happened last week in where a volunteer was ‘allegedly’ assaulted.

On Thursday (Feb 14) a volunteer who was marking one of the pitches spoke with a dog walker after he picked up after his dog on the pitch.

The volunteer explained that the club were trying to keep dogs off their pitches as even when picked up the foul leaves a residue on the grass which can cause an infection to people.

The dog walker is then said to have become aggressive and ‘allegedly’ assaulted the volunteer.

A statement on behalf of the football and rugby club said: “To point out to the public these are our pitches. We own them, not the County or Town Council.

“As a result of this and previous incidents we are now enforcing a total ban on dogs on the four pitches in the Memorial Park and surrounding areas and on our pitch down the Baca.

“Signage will be erected shortly around our areas and we will enforce this ban through, if necessary, legal means to ensure the safety of our players.

“If this continues we may be forced to fence our areas off and the general public will lose out on use of our areas.”

“The safety of children is paramount” – Burry Port County Councillor Amanda Fox

Burry Port County Councillor Amanda Fox said: “I was appalled to hear of this incident and I fully support the Rugby and Football clubs decision.

“Being an animal lover (ex veterinary nurse) I know the majority of dog owners are responsible, it is the minority that lets us down.

“The safety of our children in our community is paramount.”

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