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Diplomat Election Hustings 2017

Diplomat Election Hustings 2017

Back Row: Roger Bowen, Stephen Davies, Rory Daniels, Andrew Stephens. Front row: Mari Arthur, Nia Griffith, Ken Rees.

The Llanelli Chamber of Business and Trade organised an election hustings at the Best Western Diplomat Hotel on Thursday (Jun 1). On the panel were Nia Griffith (Lab), Stephen Davies (Welsh Con), Rory Daniels (Welsh Lib Dems), Mari Arthur (Plaid Cym) and Ken Rees (UKIP).

Chairman for  the evening was Roger Bowen.

The hustings targeted  business related issues in the town however the questions and answers went off track on a number of occasions. A member of the audience asked Nia Griffith what she had achieved as MP during her term of office. Apologies for not elaborating on Twitter but the pace of the meeting meant we could not add our comments in depth giving the reason for an answer not being given by Nia Griffith.

That question was deemed to be unfair given that the rest of the panel would not have had an opportunity to respond as they had not served as MP for the town.  The question was rephrased to a more general question on what the candidates had achieved. All gave an answer to that question.

Other questions included issues surrounding the town centre v Trostre shopping centre, tourism, the coastal area, Brexit and the EU single market, business rates, taxes and local and national government impact on business.

You can listen to the audio here.



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