Friday, June 9, 2023
Dinosaur discovered in Llanelli

Dinosaur discovered in Llanelli

JURASSIC Park met Llanelli today as ‘Rodney’ the Tyrannosaurus took to the town centre causing mayhem and creating panic in the shops as the hungry giant went on the prowl for anything it could eat including old age pensioners, children and of course Jenkins pasties.

Give us a kiss

The enormous beast posed for photos with children and mingled with the shoppers while his keepers and assistants provided entertainment with face painting, the studying of fossils and discovering of dinosaur eggs. Some visitors even brought along their own music, the theme to jurassic Park of course. The fun in the sun was all part of the Ymlaen Bid, which is intended to bring some life and soul back into the town centre through events such as this.

He’s behind you!

It was easy to see how it worked as parents and grand parents queued up with their children to take part in the activities. There was a real buzz around the town centre and all it took was a dinosaur and some activities. The event was publicised on social media. More events are planned throughout the year.

Rodney gets a Jenkins pastie

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