Saturday, April 1, 2023

Democracy ain’t perfect

Thought for the week: Rev David Jones

THE news broke on Sunday evening that Amber Rudd had resigned as Home Secretary. It seems then that her apology to the House of Commons for the misinformation on deportation targets was not enough to subdue the calls for her to go. Despite the support of the Prime Minister and other colleagues her resignation was accepted and already a new home secretary has been appointed.

Sajid Javid has taken over at the helm of one of the most challenging departments in government and this will not be easy considering what happened to his predecessor. Amber Rudd, of course, inherited the office of Home secretary from the Prime Minister and that’s the reason there’s speculation as to where the true blame lies.

The ‘Windrush’ affair has shocked the nation and the stories of so many who were treated with indifference and injustice with not a hint of compassion will take much to remedy in terms of restitution and compensation.

There’s no doubt that this will be front page news for some time and the many claims and counter claims will be analysed by the political pundits until some sort of consensus emerges.

That, of course, is the cut and thrust of politics and why the political life is not for the faint hearted. Mr Corbyn will rightly take every advantage of this perceived lack of judgement on the part of the government and that Mrs May will react with her usual tenacity – Prime Minister’s Questions today will be something to watch!

The Bible has much to say about those chosen to rule and govern. There were many more bad kings and rulers than good in the Bible and God’s condemnation and judgement came upon them all. By today our system of democracy gives us the right to remove those who are in power.

It follows then that those elected should always count this a privilege and do their best to unite and encourage good will and co-operation. The future may be uncertain, the political world is seeing dramatic change, leaders come and go and yet the Biblical truth that loving our neighbour and going that extra mile in service and commitment remains the highest calling of political service and leadership. Winston Churchill once said that democracy may not be perfect but it’s the best we have – and we all say Amen to that!

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