Thursday, June 8, 2023
AM demands better broadband for Bynea

AM demands better broadband for Bynea

Demanding better broadband for Bynea: Simon Thomas

Mid and West Assembly Member Simon Thomas has demanded action from the Labour Government in Wales over the lack of adequate broadband provision in Bynea.

Simon Thomas was contacted by Plaid Cymru community councillor Ian Woolridge on behalf of residents from Pencoed Isaf Road, Bynea about missing out on a decent broadband connection.

Party of Wales, Mid and West AM Simon Thomas said:

“I’ve written to the Minister responsible Julie James to ask her officials to look into this matter particularly why the fibre optic service is not being extended from nearby Station Road.

“A number of residents on Pencoed Isaf Road run businesses and the lack of good broadband puts them at a disadvantage with competitors. They will be left behind as competitors will be able to benefit from improved services.

“I am also informed that even the basic telephone service in this postcode area is unreliable. Heaven knows what could happen if there was an emergency.

“Residents quite rightly are asking why they should have to pay the same line rental and broadband charges as others for vastly inferior services. Plaid Cymru is demanding action to tackle this unfair practice.”

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