Thursday, June 8, 2023
Day of protests in Llanelli

Day of protests in Llanelli

Saturday (Apr 29) may be remembered as a day of protests in Llanelli. Stalls littered the centre of town and people lined the road outside Asda in separate protests. The first stall we came across was  that of the NUT. They were handing out leaflets with quite reasonable claims and requests. They included demands for an end to cuts to education in schools in Carmarthenshire. A spokesperson, who is also a teacher in a local school said that the cuts would mean an increase in class sizes, less attention for children with additional needs, fewer subject choices for children and the loss of teachers and support staff.

Rob Owen the ‘No Cuts’ candidate for Tumble and Llanon was at a stall protesting at cuts to education and the closure of the DWP building in Llanelli.  He said that he was fed up with cuts from the County Council at a time when teachers were being asked to drive up standards in education. He also said that he was outraged at the recent revelations that the Minister for Work and Pensions had refused alternatives for the DWP building in Llanelli.

Mark Evans of UNISON was also in the town centre with a stall. He said that he could not understand why the County Council had to go down the road of cuts when they had reserves available. Speaking about a number of large scale projects in the county including a closed circuit cycle track, a wellness centre and investment in the National Botanic Gardens and Llanelly House, he said: I am not against sport or culture but what use will all these places be when no one has a job to earn money to spend?

On the roadside just outside Asda a small group of people were standing with placards calling for an end to abortion. They were taking part in a two hour protest, which linked in to a much larger national protest against abortion. One of the ladies at the event told Llanelli Online that they believed that no child should have their lives ended in this way. We asked if there were any exceptional cases whereby they believed that abortion was necessary including when a woman had been raped and did not want the child. We were told that there were no circumstances at all whereby they approved of abortion.

The League Against Cruel  Sports – Ending  Animal Cruelty were also in the town centre with a stall and handing out leaflets. The people of Llanelli were spoilt for choice with so many stalls where they could fill in petitions. Judging by the response, each of the groups were well supported in their efforts. Llanelli Online made some short films highlighting some of the causes, which you can view on our website and social media pages.



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