Monday, December 5, 2022
Dawn’s coach Trip tradition on hold but she’ll be back

Dawn’s coach Trip tradition on hold but she’ll be back

A coach trip, which was started back in 1985 and continued up until 2019 has been cancelledIt. The organisers of this jolly girl’s outing told us:

“It all started Nov 1985 ,when my sister Dawn ran her first shopping trip to Birmingham bull ring.

“She was working  Design Philip making jewellery boxes in a small factory in Llanelli.

“Dawn  was pregnant at the time but that didn’t stop her. She filled the bus with family and friends , 5O women from the age of 18 to 75 .

“It was a complete success and it became an annual event and soon it was her 20th anniversary.

“Dawn decided to stay the sat night and return on the Sunday as a one off to celebrate.

“The Jolly Girl’s outing went down so well that it continued for 5 years.

“At this time she was working at Tesco Llanelli and had 2 more children.

Next was the  25th anniversary  and she added the Friday night stay as well. We left early Friday morning and returned Sunday teatime .

“Dawn plans it all the buses, hotel and even a evening meal exclusively for the Welsh ladies at the hotel, again a complete success .

“We even spotted 2 celebrities from BGT also staying in our hotel.

“The bus journey was always a scream. We played bingo and sang our favourite songs on the journey.

“There were name badges for every lady, even the bus driver. The bus was always full of laughter and fun .

“Even when we had a 2 hour delay on the motorway due to an accident on the way home it was still fun. Telling jokes and singing to pass the time .

“This year would have been our 35th anniversary but of course Covid hit and it had to be cancelled.

“Dawn was really upset but it was completely out of her hands and we had to  cancel . We have been through a lot this year. We have all had our ups and downs but luckily we are all still here .

“So this is a message to Dawn and all the lovely, fun loving ladies that have given her loyal support to carry on with her beloved trip that  I  know you have all enjoyed throughout the last 34 years.


“We re all going to Birmingham , Christmas shopping. with all our love Your sister Sian niece Candice and daughter  Kimberley  not forgetting  your 50 gorgeous women xx.”

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