Saturday, April 1, 2023
Dafen gears up for Remembrance

Dafen gears up for Remembrance


DAFEN is a small village in Llanelli famous for many things including the actress Dorothy Squires, a cricket club and football club. The Dafen river runs through the village and there is a pretty stone arched bridge just outside the park where children used to fish for sticklers. Industry has always been present in Dafen with Owens Transport siting their headquarters there for many years. Llanelli’s hospital is a short walk and borders the football pitch.

In recent years a small garden to the front of the park has been modelled into a war memorial. The Dafen Remembrance Garden has seen commemorations of many war anniversaries and the display seems to get bigger each year. Chairman of Carmarthenshire County Council Rob Evans is one of the people responsible for the incredible display.

This year is no different and he has pulled out the stops to make sure that people have somewhere to pay their respects.

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