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CYCA has the ripple effect

CYCA has the ripple effect

THE ripple effect is quite simple but something, which has to have someone or something to start it in action.

Meet Tracy Pike MBE the CEO of CYCA in Llanelli. Tracy has been responsible for starting the ripple, which has helped thousands of families in Carmarthenshire.

Operating from their offices at Copperworks School in the early days CYCA has worked with families providing, care, training, and education. They have moved with the times and moved out of their old building to new premises at the Palms on Queen Victoria Road.

From here they run a training room for mothers, a creche and two nurseries in the town. The courses they offer give mothers the chance to get back into work and they have developed a course to help keep families safe online.

CYCA has been going for 40 years and Tracy has come up with the idea to raise £40,000 for the 40 years they have been in existence. This huge project is being supported by local businesses who Tracy hopes will donate some cash.

We asked Tracy what was special about the work CYCA undertakes. She was quite succinct with her answer. “CYCA supports local families. All the money goes to local people.”

As well as the £40,000 for 40 years CYCA has launched a wrap-around care programme at Bryn School. All the work the team at CYCA undertake has not gone unnoticed. CYCA is in the final of the WCVA Awards.

We caught up with Tracy at our Llanelli offices. Here is what she had to say:

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